Car Themed Restaurants You Need To Visit Now
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Car Themed Restaurants You Need To Visit Now


Car Themed Restaurants You Need To Visit Now

Having a themed restaurant is all the rage, and one of the most successful among them are the restaurants which show off the love for cars. There are many car-themed around the world who are looking to have the right kind of help which can make sure that you have the right kind of peace that one is looking for when it comes to restaurants. Here are some of the best car-themed restaurants which one can visit right now.

Ford’s Garage, Fort Myers

This is one of the best places to be if you are looking for a place when you can get the right experience of enjoying your meal. They have some of the best meals which gets your adrenaline going. The whole restaurant is themed to match everything to the inside of a Ferrari. This is a place which any avid car lover will enjoy.

Sparky’s Garage, Dillon

This is a place which can set up a great ambience when it comes to an understanding of the right kind of music and the food of the place. The service is one of the best and can easily make you feel like you are in the right mood to get your stress out.

Hozy’s Grill, Santa Paula

Want something which can offer hearty food in a restaurant which is themed according to the car. Hozy’s is the place that you have to be. It offers some of the biggest portions of meals and fair warning it is not a one-person job to finish the food they offer. They also make sure that the people who enter their place have a place where they can enjoy their meal at their own sweet time while people enjoy the ambience that the restaurant has to offer.

Retro Bar and Grill, New York

Retro Bar and Grill as the name suggest is a place for all bikers and car lovers who can make sure that you have the best grill for the night with a beer in hand. There has been a lot of times where people have been waiting overnight to get the seat. There are also many ways which can ensure that they have some of the best which can get your understanding of the car a boost.

Flo’s V8 Cafe, Disneyland

Disneyland is a place where a people’s dream come true, and this is also true for car lovers. There is a full car-themed restaurant where you can your family can enjoy some time together. As it is located in Disneyland, the prices for food can be quite high but finding the right restaurant is one of the best ways you can spend your time in Disneyland.

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